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Lifetime Care Plan



Once you’ve selected the jewelry of your dreams, Warwick Jewelers Lifetime

Care Plan helps assure you of continued enjoyment with

  • Lifetime Cleaning and Inspection
  • Appraisal for your new purchase
  • Tightening of stones
  • Annual Buffing and Rhodium Plating for the first 5 years of ownership
  • Lifetime Trade-up program


 Everyone wants their jewelry to be as sparkling as the day it was purchased.  To keep your jewelry in pristine condition we recommend getting it professionally  cleaned at least twice a year, in between at home cleaning.  When we clean your jewelry we check the stones for tightness, and for any wear and tear that may  have occurred, allowing  us to give you recommendations on repairs.  As part of our Lifetime Care Plan, we will clean and inspect your jewelry anytime you visit.


 You will need to know the current value of your fine jewelry to get it insured.  An appraisal gives a secondary opinion of your purchase, confirming your diamonds  quality alongside any certification.  We provide an expert’s appraisal of your jewelry with purchase. 

 As an American Gem Society store we are committed to the strictest industry ethics and standards; Our appraisers are certified gemologists with many years of  experience with luxury jewelry, committed to adhering to those standards. 







Larger Diamonds

 Warwick Jewelers offers a lifetime diamond upgrade program allowing you to upgrade your diamond with a diamond of greater value at any time.

 Either use your original Warwick setting for the new diamond, or accept additional credit for your setting as determined by us.

 Your diamond must be in its original condition, according to its grading report.  Any damage to the original diamond may disqualify the diamond from our upgrade      program.

 The original diamond grading report must be returned in reusable condition.  Fees may apply for any damaged reports.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Warwick Jewelers is pleased to offer a lifetime diamond upgrade  program, ensuring that at any time you can decide to make your earrings even more beautiful with diamonds of greater value.  This allows you to purchase diamond studs at your budget now and whenever you are ready, you can simply upgrade to a bigger or higher  quality diamond studs.

The value will be determined by the purchase price as shown on its original receipt.  Mounting will be accepted as part of the trade-in and will be valued at the price of gold at the time of trade-in.