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Jewelry Repair

It’s all about trust.  At Warwick Jewelers, we are proud to offer our customers a full range of expert jewelry repair services.  Work is done on the premises with a one year warranty on most jobs.  Our jewelry department consists of a Shop Foreman with 15 years of experience, a Head Jeweler with 35 years of experience, and a Bench Jeweler with 10 years of experience.  We use the highest quality parts and materials. Our skilled Jewelers work on all precious metals (platinum, gold, and silver) and can provide same day turnaround service if desired on select repairs.

Pearl restringing


Watch Repair

Watch Batteries

Watch Band Shortening

Eye glass repair

Clasps and Catches

Broken Earrings

Earring Mountings



Heads and Bezels

Settings, Stone Removal and Resetting




Laser Welding

General Repairs

Stones-Diamonds & Colored Gems 

Our Workshop Keeps Your Jewelry Close To Home! Come On In And Watch Your Desires Transpire.  With Warwick’s on-site Jewelry Repair shop, your jewelry never leaves our sight.  This allows for intimate care, precision, and immediate jewelry repair.  You will never again have to wait for your jewelry to be transported and repaired at another location.  Our Jewelry Repair Workshop is where craftsmanship meets the latest innovations in modern jewelry collections, jewelry repair, upgrades, and custom jewelry design that stand the test of time.  This is where authentic artistry reigns supreme, where the disciplined eyes and creative minds of our experienced artisans are reserved for your unrestricted access.  With age-old mastery and cutting-edge technologies, your fantasies are melded into jeweled, diamond-encrusted and gold-glazed realities. We extend our warmest welcome to the Warwick Workshop.  


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