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Our Motto: “Satisfying generations of family traditions since 1919.”

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to continually meet and exceed the expectations of our customers through unparalleled service, products and value.

Welcome to Warwick Jewelers!  Since 1919, we have been providing our customers with exquisite beauty, unsurpassed quality, stunning choices and unparalleled professionalism from our spacious and accessible jewelry store in Exton, PA.  The success of our family business has been a direct result of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our in-store staff consists of not only our highly trained, knowledgeable and helpful sales associates but we also have goldsmiths, diamond setters and appraisers (G.I.A. graduate gemologist). In addition to our in-store and on-line multi-million dollar diamond inventory, we offer a full range of quality custom manufactured jewelry and in-house repair services.

What Warwick Jewelers provides to our customers is a lifetime of memories not just locally but across the country. Seen on CNN CBS and FOX! Plus hitting over 20 news medias across the country and internationally as well.

Buy Jewelry The Warwick Way

Don’t Just Shop. Experience.

A long time ago in a faraway land, things were much different than they are here and now.

In this land people conversed in more than 140-character exchanges, judged books by their hardback covers and ate “apps” instead of downloading them. These exotic creatures dropped by each other’s homes, shook each other’s hands and talked to each other’s faces.

It was a strange time and a strange land, but it was also wonderful and quite charming. Things took time, and time was good.

This is how Warwick treats jewelry shopping. It’s an experience that takes time, and doesn’t apologize for doing so. Because that perfect piece of jewelry you’re looking for means so much more than its polished appearance and its diamond- or gemstone-encrusted exterior.

A jewelry piece signifies the beginning of a story, the continuation of a story or simply a chapter in your life that holds special meaning and memories.

The jewelers at Warwick want to help you share this story with your friends and family. At Warwick, we take the time to get to know you and provide the ultimate jewelry experience. Your special piece has its own story, and is deserving of its own sparkling debut.

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